Utility Billing

Utility Billing

The City of Watertown provides municipal water, wastewater, and storm water services to the residents of the City. View the 2019 Utility Rates

To Set Up Service
A New Service Application is required for all new accounts established and when a change in property ownershiip occures. 

Utility Information
The water charge is based on actual usage each month.  The sewer charge is based on the actual water usage during November - April (winter months).  In the remaining months of the year, May - October (summer months), the sewer charge is based on the average usage of the preceding winter months.  The City of Watertown presumes that any additional water used (above your winter sewer average) is used for external usage and therefore does not effect sewer flow.  City staff reads meters electronically during the first week of each month.  Water and sewer usage is billed one full month behind.

If you experience a higher than normal bill, please consider the following items:

  • Is this the time of year for outside watering or sprinkling?
  • Is there a faucet leaking or dripping in your home or an outside spicket?
  • Do any of your toilets fail to shut off after flushing?
  • Is the water softener functioning correctly? 

All of these items may dramatically increase the amount of water that flows through your meter.  Please watch for these items if your usage seems higher than usual.  

Billing and Payment Information
Utility services are billed on a monthly basis. Bills are mailed out prior to the 1st of each month and payment is due by the 15th. Payments received after the 15th of the month incur a 10% late fee.  Payments can be mailed, dropped off at City Hall during regular business hours, or placed in the Citizens Alliance Bank (200 Lewis Ave S) night deposit box. 

The City also accepts payments electronically online through PSN. To set up your online access visit the Watertown Utility Billing page. You can also sign up for estatements and view account usage history through the online account service. A small service fee is charged for electronic payments, however viewing account information and opting out of paper bills is FREE!

For added convenience, the City also offers automatic debit/direct pay.  Complete the Direct Pay Form, return it to City Hall with a voided check from the account you wish to have debited.  There is no service fee associated with this service and you can view and opt out of paper bills through our ebilling service through PSN. You will still get a bill copy in the mail and payment will automatically be debited on the 15th of each month unless you opt out .

Consumer Confidence Report 
Follow this link to the 2016 Consumer Confidence Report