North Lewis Downtown Parking & Visioning


 In response to concerns brought forth by area business owners and members of the community regarding the impact that the reconstruction of the bridge and intersection of Lewis Ave and CSAH 10/Territorial will have on public parking, the City Council convened a task force consisting of representatives from various City Commissions including the Park Board, Planning Commission, Commission on Aging, Economic Development Authority, as well as area business owners,  and Chamber of Commerce and American Legion leadership to help vision the future of this gateway to the community.

Post construction the City will have control of three-quaters of the intersection and looked to this task force to help develop some ideas on what changes, improvements, or long-term vision could be created for this gateway corridor and access to the downtown as well as park system. A series of four meetings have been scheduled throughout the summer months where the group met to review the parking demand in the area, brainstorm various ideas available to meet the demand, review economic and redevelopment possibilities, as well has enhance or create better connections to the river front and trail system in this area.

The recommended improvments identified by the task force include the expansion of the municipal parking lot in the southeast corner of Territoral and Lewis in the current City Center Park space and creating a gateway park feature on the northeast corner of Territorial and Lewis entering Rick Johnson Park. The parking expansion adds 13 public parking spaces to this area and creates an extension of the river boardwalk concept, a gathering space and new home for the Veteran's memorial.

Upon review of the final report by the City Council, it was decided to not implement either of these improvements at this time. The work that was completed will allow the City to decisively act on making improvements in the future when it is deemed approriate.

Final Report


Meeting Materials

July 14th
Kick-Off Presentation
Parking Analysis
Design Charette Tools

July 30th
Concept Parking & Stall Counts

August 27th
Preferred Parking Concept Plans
Park/Veterans Memorial Concept Plan

September 17th
Funding Strategy Powerpoint