Bridge & Intersection Project

As construction progresses in 2015 on the bridge and intersection,  please check back in with this site frequently!  New information will be updated regularly!

Construction Updates

Project Schedule
The project is scheduled to begin in early February with substantial completion by late October 2015. Each stage of the construction will have slightly different traffic and pedestrian flow patterns which will allow the contractor to complete the entire project with only a single brief bridge closure later this fall. The initial stage of construction, which will begin in February, will be confined to bridge work only.

Traffic & Pedestrian Control
During the initial stage of the 2015 winter months, construction will be isolated to the north side of the bridge. During this time the vehicular traffic will be shifted to the south side of the existing bridge deck. The bridge WILL remain open to traffic at all times throughout this stage of construction.  Drivers should expect extra congestion and slower than normal speeds as they approach and navigate through the construction area throughout the duration of the project. Please use caution when traversing within the construction zone whether in a vehicle or on foot.  Pedestrian traffic will be allowed across the bridge by way of the existing sidewalk on the south side of the bridge during the initial winter construction stage. 

Crossing Background

The City of Watertown developed along both sides of the Crow River, with the existing downtown bridge providing the only connection between residential areas on the east to the central business district on the west. The existing bridge (Bridge 5882) carries Territorial Street (CSAH 10) over the south fork of the Crow River to Lewis Avenue in downtown Watertown and still provides the only connection across the river for miles in both directions. The bridge serves an average of 9,850 vehicles per day (2010 average daily traffic (ADT) volume) including the only connection between schools and residential areas located on both sides of the City.

The residents, businesses, and institutions in Watertown rely upon the single crossing in Watertown. There are four schools in the community; the High School and Primary School are located on the west side of the river and the Elementary School and a private school are located on the east side of the river. The CSAH 10 bridge serves as the link for bus traffic and parents to travel between schools and to and from their residences.
The CSAH 10 bridge is also relied upon for emergency access. The Fire Station and the Ridgeview Ambulance substation are located on the east side of town, along with the majority of the new residential growth. However, in 2011, 60 percent of the fire calls were on the west side of the river. Additionally, two-thirds of the volunteer firefighters reside on the east side of the river and depend on the CSAH 10 bridge crossing to reach the fire station quickly in response to emergency calls.
The CSAH 10 bridge crossing at Watertown is also of regional importance. Many regional roadways including TH 25, CSAH 10, CSAH 24, CSAH 20, and CSAH 27 converge in the City of Watertown and funnel through the heart of the City via the CSAH 10 river bridge. 

Project Components

Project Summary & Detour Graphic
Truck Route Detour Map
Stage 1 Construction Area Map
Stage 2 Detour Map
Stage 3 Detour Map

Project Need Summary
Project Impact Summary 
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