30th Street Wetland Trail and Conservation Project

Project Background

 Through many years of planning efforts the community has identified the importance of obtaining, developing, and connecting natural resources to the entire community. Beginning in the mid-2000s an area in the south east border of the community was identified as sensitive to development and had the potential to be utilized for open space and or trail usage.

The importance of development of park space and trail corridors is memorialized in the City’s comprehensive plan. Over half of active park users reported in various community surveys reported that trails and trail connectivity were important things for the community to consider when developing these local amenities. In order to meet these desires the City identified future trail and open space during the last update undertaken to the plan.

In 2014, in partnership with Carver County, the City embarked on an effort to acquire parcels in the south east area identified in the comprehensive plan through the purchase of available parcels and acquiring adjacent parcels that had been forfeited due to non-payment of property taxes. With funding from the County, the City acquired two northern parcels in a purchase from the landowner and jointly the City and County pursued special legislation that transferred the ownership of the three tax forfeited parcels via special legislation. The acquisition of these parcels was undertaken with the purpose of restoring low land areas to its natural wetland state and maintaining high ground for future public use. The County would utilize the restored wetland areas to receive banking credits that will offset the cost of future road projects. The City would also have the opportunity to develop trail connections between existing trail segments and provide better pedestrian connections from neighborhoods on the south and east to north and western areas of the community as outlined in the comprehensive plan.

In 2017 the City began the process to develop the project. Following extensive public engagement and refinement of the trail and wetland concept a final layout was approved. This layout will be used to guide current and future development of the complex as well as to establish conervancy areas that will be restored into native wetland and upland habitat. Construction began in late fall of 2017 to include the west and south trail segments. Carver County has begun some vegtation management in the wetland basin as they work through the permitting process for wetland restoration and water control structure features to serve the wetland basin.

Project Status

Substantial construction of the south and west trail segments by the City has been completed as of fall of 2018. Carver County continues to work through the permitting process with various agencies such as Board of Water & Soil Resources, Army Corp of Engineers, DNR, etc.regarding water control structure design and construction as well as wetland banking credit concerns. They would like to do some more dormant seeding and vegetation management in the wetland basin late fall of 2018 depending on wet conditions. Following approval and issuance of a permit the County will bid the project for construction of water control structures in 2019. 

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Project Documents and Concepts

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Final Trail and Wetland Concept
Project Development Timeline
Project Financials    
Trail Map from Comphrensive Plan        
Future Land Use Plan from Comphrensive Plan    
2013 Concept Reviewed at Wildflower Neighborhood Meeting

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