Park and Recreation Commission

The Watertown Park and Recreation Commission is comprised of seven community members. The Commission serves in an advisory role to the City Council on matters related to parks and recreation. Members are: Danette Painshaub, Ryan Trucke, Alan Hansen-Begg, Joel Skoog, Brei Brandenburg, DeAnna Clemens, and Tim Staloch.

This Commission is tasked with understanding how the community's open spaces enhance the quality of life for its residents. Also, the Commission investigates programming opportunities which may be offered by the City.

Park and Recreation Commission Meetings

The Park and Recreation Commission meet the third Wednesday of every month basis.  All meetings are open to the public. To view meeting materials such as agenda and minutes visit our Park Commission Agenda's page.

Park Rental

The City makes park fields and facilities available for private rental to residents and non-residents throughout the year. To learn more about how to plan your next event in Watertown please visit our Park Rental page. 

Disc Golf Course Development

 The City is reviewing a proposed disc golf course development project. To learn more and provide input visit the project page here.

30th Street Wetland Trail Project

 The City and Carver County are jointly working on a 80 acre wetland restoration project with trail development north of 30th Street and adjacent to the Wildflower and Tuscany Village neighborhoods. To learn more visit the project page here.

Community Park Master Plan

In 2008, Jerry and Kathy Berg donated approximately 40 acres of land to the City of Watertown for the eventual creation of a Community Park.  This land is located on CSAH 20, immediately adjacent to the Watertown-Mayer Elementary School.  In 2012, the City extended streets and utilities through the Community Park property, as defined in the 2008 Donation Agreement, preparing the space for further development.

The Park and Recreation Commission began to define its vision for the space as it adopted the Community Park Master Plan (2010) which is intended to serve as a guide for future investment in the space.