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Trail & Sidewalk Input Needed

Do you use any sidewalks and trails throughout the City?  If you do, the City wants your input.  The City of Watertown has an online public engagement application that allows you to provide comments on the existing and future sidewalk and trails throughout the community.  This information will be used in preparing the City’s Sidewalk and Trail Master Plan.  The application is mobile friendly, so you can provide comments on your phone as you are using the sidewalks and trails, or sitting on your favorite park bench.   The application can be accessed at, and provides a quick tutorial on its features at start up.  You can pan around a map of the City that shows the existing sidewalks, trails, parks, churches, businesses, and schools, or enter your address and it will zoom to that location.  You can drop a pin at any location throughout the city, provide a comment, and upload a picture.  You can also browse other comments and give them a “thumbs up” or a “thumps down” if you agree or disagree with them. 

The City wants your input on all aspects of the sidewalk and trail system.  Are there things you like and want more of around the community such as trails along the river or roadways?  Do you want sidewalks in front of your house?  Are there any missing segments or gaps that prevent you from getting where you would like to go?   Are there safety concerns such as crossing locations, trip hazards, obstructions from trees or brush overhanging?  The application will be available July through September, so start providing input now and all summer long. 

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