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Snow Clean-Up Update

The snow faucet may have stopped but the work hasn’t!! It’s been a historic start to February with more than 20″ of snow. Crews will be out today beginning the process of opening up additional snow storage in cul-de-sacs and along the streets right of way. This will be a multi-day effort so it may be a few days before all this work is complete barring any additional snow events.The right of way extends typically 10′ to 20′ beyond the curb edge and is utilized for snow storage. This process will include pushing snow piles in cul-de-sacs back and “benching” along street edges. This should make the streets more passable and open up additional places to put snow from private driveways. Hauling will begin tomorrow from stockpiled areas in parking lots

Cul-de-sac before push back efforts

Cul-de-sac after push back efforts.
Street edge windrow that has been “benched”.
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