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Seal Coat Warranty Work

The City of Watertown has filed a warranty claim with the contractor who performed the street seal coating in 2017. The previous work has not bonded to the pavement as expected and treated areas have experienced excessive peeling and flaking of the chip rock material.

In response to the warranty claim the contractor will be performing another seal coat to affected streets and a fog seal to affected cul-de-sac areas noted on the below map. This work is scheduled to happen the week of August 27th. No parking will be posted 24hrs in advance of areas to be seal coated.

During the seal coating application, you may experience minor disruptions in your neighborhood including limited access to your property, restricted on-street parking, and excess debris in the street.  It is important to note that these will be short term interruptions.  Additionally, you may find that liquid asphalt and trap rock from the street tracks on your car tires and shoes following the treatment.  This should be a limited impact of the project that will clear as the asphalt sets.

For those cul-de-sac areas noted to be fog sealed, these areas will be posted no parking and closed to vehicle traffic for 24hrs following the application of material to ensure adequate cure time of the sealant. Residents are asked to not drive over the applied material and to park on the street outside of the cul-de-sac.

Lewis Avenue South will remain open to traffic and business access but temporary no-parking will be found on either side of the street while the seal coat work is completed and will be re-opened to parking and traffic once complete. Re-striping of parking and drive lanes will also occur a few weeks after application of the chip rock.

For schedule updates please visit our website at or Facebook page at If you have any questions about pavement maintenance, please feel free to contact me at 952-955-2681 or

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