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Recruiting Volunteers for WeCAB

WeCAB Needs Volunteers like you!

A steering committee has been formed in partnership between the Watertown Commission on Aging and Mayer Commission on Aging.  They are currently looking to recruit volunteers to help provide transportation options to area seniors and others with barriers to transportation.

WeCAB is a volunteer organization operating in the eastern Carver County and Mound areas. In order for WeCAB to be successful in our community they need your help! Volunteer opportunities exist for drivers, dispatchers, and rider registrars.

 Rider registrars set up prospective WeCAB riders into the system.  They get to choose when they make the calls to the new riders.   Dispatch volunteers can also choose their time and days on which to volunteer.  Dispatchers will schedule the riders with the drivers using the internet and computer or other device. The heart of WeCAB is volunteer drivers! You will use your personal vehicle to provide transportation on the days and times you are able. You get to set your schedule and are able to request mileage reimbursement at the non-profit rate or take a tax deduction on the amount.

To learn more about WeCAB you can visit or to learn more about local volunteer opportunities or to sign up please contact Lynn Tschudi at 952-955-2681 or

Volunteers are needed by the end of July in order to begin training and offering rides in August!


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