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Permitted Storm Damage Solicitors

The City Council has approved the below list of solicitors to perform door to door solicitation of home repair contracting services. This permit only allows for door to door solicitation of services and does not authorize any work to be completed without a building permit. Solicitation without a permit is subject to citation for a misdemeanor offense. Property owners are encouraged to report un-permitted solicitation by calling the Carver County Sheriff’s Office at 952-361-1231.

In the solicitation permit application process, and by being issued a solicitation permit, the City does not verify the competence, knowledge, warranty claims, workmanship, or business practices of contractors as it relates to home repair. Homeowners are encouraged to properly evaluate any contractor they are considering to have perform repair services on their property.

Many valuable resources and tips are available to property owners and consumers at sources such as the Better Business Bureau, The Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry, and through your insurance company. Residents are encouraged to get multiple bids and to check references and referrals of any contractor they seek to do business with.

Approved Storm Damage Solicitors Permit List

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