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New Utility Rates Effective January

Utility customers will see a small increase on their utility bill with their January statement. The rate increase is a measured approach to ensure that the City is able to meet the debt obligations, facility maintenance needs, and operational expense of providing sewer, water, and storm water services to the citizens of Watertown. The increase approved will reflect a 1% increase for water use on a per gallon basis, 4% increase for sewer use on a per gallon basis, and 5% increase on the storm water base charge. No base charge increase is in effect for water or sewer use. An average residential customer with 4,000 gallons of usage per month can expect their bill to increase 92 cents per month. The public utilities provided by the City do operate independently of other government services and do not rely on general tax dollars for revenue.

Annually the City pumps and conditions over 110 million gallons of water per year from four wells, one water tower, and one water treatment plant for use in homes, businesses, and schools. City staff maintains 30 miles of water main pipe and 20 miles of sewer main pipe. Each year the City treats and cleans on average, 115 million gallons of waste water at the waste water treatment plant.

2019 Utility Rate Schedule

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