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30th Street Wetland Trail Complex Construction

The construction contractor has been busy taking advantage of the favorable weather after our extended winter to begin the final stages of trail construction on the 30th Street Wetland Trail project located between the Wildflower, Tuscany Village, and Sugarbush neighborhoods. The placement of the crushed limestone trail surface, side slope grading, restoration, and seating and viewing area pad placement is nearly complete. Substantial completion of all trail construction items and restoration is scheduled to be completed by June 1st.

During the summer months additional work will continue under the guidance of Carver County. The application for wetland restoration and banking credits continues through the review process of various agencies such as the Army Corps of Engineers and the Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources. Plant management is likely to commence in early summer as conditions dry out. This will include management for weeds, standing crops, and preparation for and planting of native species plant material. Later in the fall the County will cause outlet control structures to be constructed that will control the level of water retained in the basin areas of the complex.

This unique amenity to Watertown will need a name so look for upcoming requests forĀ  your creative ideas on this area should be memorialized as.

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